This Drone ‘Smart Shooter’ can hit drones at 120m

The Dutch defense force has been working on a project called ‘Smart Shooter’. This awesome project can be seen as an add-on to the weapon kit of soldiers in the field.

Smart Shooter

The smart shooter, allows the operator to look at the target through a holographic display, on the barrel of the gun, there is a button, which pressed will “lock” the smart Shooter on the target.

The shooter pulls the trigger, but the push to trigger lock, a tiny pin behind the trigger, prevents the cartridge from being shot immediately. “Only when the system says that the shot is centered on the target, the bullet is fired.”

According to the manufacturer, the Smart Shooter can distinguish a target up to 120 meters.

The Smart Shooter is an Israeli-made system designed to make shooters as effective as possible under the motto “one shot, one hit”.

Smart Shooter’s SMASH is an electro-optical fire control system that transforms basic soldier’s rifles into 21st century smart weapons. The system minimizes shooter effects, ensuring first-round hits on static and dynamic targets, day or night.

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