Thieves behind the $4.5 million dollar High tech Wranglers thefts have been arrested by the FBI

The FBI has rolled up a gang that stole 150 high-tech Jeep Wranglers worth $ 4.5 million, the US Department of Justice has announced this officially on their site. According to the charges, the gang members had done their homework well before trying to steal a specific vehicle.

For example they knew in advance to get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) by making a picture of the dashboard. Then they managed to win the secret key codes, allowing them to create double keys for a specific jeep. In this case, a computer chip in the key had to be programmed to match the computer of the Jeep.

During the car theft the alarm system was switched off and the double key was programmed via an electronic device. Then the thieves could run away smoothly. Almost all the thefts were performed in the middle of the night or early morning and almost all of the wranglers were armed with alarms.

Nevertheless, the alarm did not start once and no glass or other evidence of burglary was found. The researchers were able to obtain footage of one the thefts. The footage was recorded by a security camera.

*Jimmy Josue Martinez 31 Tijuana, Mexico
*Mario Alberto Echeverria-Ibarra 30 Tijuana, Mexico
Henry Irenio Pulido 24 Imperial Beach, California
Alejandro Guzman 23 Tijuana, Mexico
*Narciso Zamora Banuelos 29 Tijuana, Mexico
*Adan Esteban Sanchez Aguirre 26 Tijuana, Mexico
*Salvador Isay Castillo 21 Tijuana, Mexico
Reynaldo Rodriguez 33 San Diego, California
*Sebastian Ponce 20 Tijuana, Mexico
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