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Teamwork leads to success, and in the information security and threat intelligence world – teamwork is key! but before teamwork can lead to success, various steps and ethics need to be present.

In the video below, you will see how an group of soldiers is able to climb a wall – and move forward as the same group – now if this was done one by one, the chance would have been very high that some of the soldiers would not be able to climb the wall in the same time window.

Now this group was able to climb the wall, because they worked together and used the skills from each other to address the ‘threat’ or ‘challenge’.

Threat Intelligence

Teamwork in the world of Threat Intelligence can be very hard, but it can also be very easy – it all comes to having work flows and using the skills from expierenced and ‘junior’ threat intelligence artists in order to gather high quality threat intelligence.

I simply want to point out that teamwork is very important. Have people around you which can help you forward – and if you notice that someone is slowing you down, do not be afraid to take action to help yourself and the other person forward. It is all about teamwork.

Share this with people that should know this: