These ports are open by default on a new Windows 10 PRO machine

I was wondering which ports are open by default on a Windows 10 PRO machine, so I started up my Armitage environment and performed a Intense NMAP scan on the local Windows 10 machine.

These ports were open by default:


  • 139
  • 135
  • 445

The TCP port 135 is used by the Microsoft Windows RPC service, this service is also known by the process name MSRPC.

The TCP port 139 and 445 are identified as ports which are used by the netbios-ssn service. Once you perform a scan on a Windows 10 pro machine with the Armitage tool, you will see that the Windows 10 host will be identified as a Windows host.

The scan also identified that the SMBV-2 service is enabled.

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