These are the domains HACKERS use to INFECT unaware GOOGLE users

Cybercriminals and hackers are always searching for new methods to infect unaware users with their Trojans and malware.

The domains which we have listed below, were found during our search for malicious domains which are used by cybercriminals to infect unaware users.

The information which we have found, shows how cybercriminals use domains that look like the official domains of Google to lure unaware users to install malicious content on their devices.

Malicious "Google" Domains which have been setup by cybercriminals
Malicious “Google” Domains which have been setup by cybercriminals

We can see from the results that the cybercriminals and hackers are imitating official Analytics and Adsense services of Google to phish or infect unaware users. The cybercriminals are able to obtain personal information and financial information via infected devices and hijacked Google accounts.

We strongly urge everyone to stay aware for weird looking domains, and always check the domain if you are going to login on an environment which holds personal or financial information. Cybercriminals are always on the hunt for victims and we are not going to grant them OUR information.

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