The Web of IPStorm: The Case of Sergei Makinin

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Ever wondered how someone can take control of thousands of electronic devices around the globe without the owners even realizing it? Let’s dive into the case of Sergei Makinin, a dual Russian and Moldovan citizen, who pleaded guilty to doing just that. But why was his cyber scheme significant, and what implications does it have for internet security?

The Makinin Botnet Scheme

1. The Genesis of IPStorm

From June 2019 to December 2022, Sergei Makinin1 orchestrated a sophisticated cyber operation. He developed and deployed malicious software, creating a massive network of compromised devices, known as a “botnet.” This botnet, dubbed IPStorm, gave him unauthorized control of thousands of devices worldwide.

2. The Business of Anonymity

Makinin’s scheme didn’t just stop at taking control of devices. He monetized his botnet by renting out these hijacked devices to clients who desired to mask their internet activities. These clients, whose identities remain undisclosed, paid hefty sums, sometimes hundreds of dollars monthly, for this illicit service.

3. The Scale of Operations

The operation was vast and lucrative, generating over half a million dollars. Makinin advertised over 23,000 “highly anonymous” proxies, indicating the extensive reach of his network. These proxies allowed clients to obscure their digital footprints effectively.

4. The Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Despite operating from Spain, Makinin’s activities had a global footprint, with infected computers reported in various towns in Puerto Rico. This led to the involvement of the FBI’s San Juan office and federal prosecutors in Puerto Rico. Ultimately, Makinin was apprehended and brought to justice.

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