The Underrated Tool for Cybersecurity Presentations: Laser Pointers

In the world of cybersecurity, attention to detail is crucial. Cybersecurity professionals need to be able to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

While many tools can aid in this process, one tool that is often overlooked is the humble laser pointer.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of laser pointers for cybersecurity professionals and how they can be used to improve security assessments and presentations.

What are laser pointers?

Laser pointers are small handheld devices that emit a narrow beam of light. They come in various shapes and sizes and are typically powered by batteries.

laser pointers for cybersecurity professionals
laser pointers for cybersecurity professionals

The beam of light can be used to point out specific areas of concern during a security assessment or draw attention to vulnerabilities in a physical security situation.

Importance of laser pointers for cybersecurity professionals

Laser pointers can be invaluable for cybersecurity professionals, especially during presentations.

They help to highlight critical details and emphasize key points, making presentations more effective. During a security assessment, laser pointers can be used to draw attention to specific areas of concern and make the assessment more efficient.

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Examples of laser pointer usage in cybersecurity

Laser pointers can be used in a variety of cybersecurity situations. For example, in a physical security situation, a laser pointer can be used to point out vulnerabilities such as poorly placed security cameras or unlocked doors.

Laser pointer pen for presentations

While traditional laser pointers come in a small handheld form, there are also versions that come in the form of a remote made for doing presentations.

Laser pointer pen made for presentations
Laser pointer pen made for presentations

These laser pointer pens are designed to be used in a professional setting, such as during a presentation or in a classroom. They can be particularly useful for cybersecurity professionals who need to make presentations on a regular basis.

Tips for choosing and using a laser pointer

When choosing a laser pointer, it is important to consider factors such as brightness, range, and battery life. It is also important to follow best practices when using a laser pointer, such as avoiding shining it directly into someone’s eyes and using it responsibly.

What other tools have you found useful in your cybersecurity presentations? Share your tips in the comments below.

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