The Tycoon Phishing Group

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The Tycoon Phishing group operates on Telegram and is active in providing phishing services. The group has created a phishingkit that allows the usage of different types of branded templates1.

Tycoon Phishing Group Phishing Page mimicking Microsoft Live
Tycoon Phishing Group Phishing Page mimicking Microsoft Live

Some of them are:

  • Onedrive
  • Microsoft Live
The Tycoon Phishing Group - Picture taken from their Telegram group. reported on their X stream that the phishingkit resembles the Dadsec phishingkit.

Dadsec phishingkit - picture by
Dadsec phishingkit – picture by

The group is currently active on Telegram2 and they have their website hosted at tycoongroup[.]ws with Cloudflare security3 being enabled.

Protected by Cloudflare
Protected by Cloudflare
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