The rise of Tactical Edge Networking

The Netherlands and Germany will integrate their armed forces digitally and as part of this a military internet will be built. The new German-Dutch organization TEN (Tactical Edge Networking) was announced today.

Tactical Edge Networking

TEN must improve information-driven action and offer resistance to technologically advanced opponents and hybrid threats.

The starting point of the partnership is that the soldiers in the field can do their work more efficiently and safely.

They must also be able to collaborate more effectively with other NATO colleagues during missions and exercises. Furthermore, TEN must offer opportunities for the development of joint standards and solutions within NATO. Systems and equipment may also be purchased jointly.

TEN will also deal with the development of a “military internet” in order to promote security. “This improves connections with a mix of resources, such as fast applications, permanent mobile accessibility and protection against cyber and electromagnetic threats,” said the Ministry of Defense. According to Minister of Defense Bijleveld, TEN is a major step towards better communication in the field.

Dutch and German relation

The Netherlands and Germany have been working together intensively for a long time.

For example, units are placed under each other’s command and, wherever possible, equipment is purchased jointly. Both forces are jointly active on most international missions. At the end of May, Bijleveld and her German colleague Ursula Von der Leyen signed a statement to further strengthen defense cooperation.

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