The most wanted piece of malware which is capable of stealing MILLIONS

Each time I take a look at the cybercrime news section on Google News, I see that thousands and even millions of Dollars are stolen by cybercriminals.

The cybercriminals use smart techniques and malware to obtain the financial assets, but it keeps surprising me how easy it is for the cybercriminals and hackers to obtain information once they are inside.

The million dollar malware

A couple of weeks ago, the FBI published an 3 million dollar reward for the person which would provide information that would lead to the arrest of Evgeniy Bogachev. Evgeniy Bogachev is alleged to be the mastermind behind the GameOver Zeus malware.

The GameOver Zeus malware is the million dollar malware which is used by cybercriminals to steal millions of dollars and euro’s. The cybercriminals use the Zeus malware to force the victim to transfer ransom or financial data.

The perfect example for this is the Cryptolocker malware which encrypts the data that is stored on the infected device. The Cryptolocker malware then continues to lock the screen with a message which instructs the victim to pay a specific amount of ransom in order to regain access to the encrypted files.

The GameOver Zeus malware is currently still active and reports claim that there are two strong versions on the internet. The first version is generating up to 1000 malicious domains daily, and the other one is generating up to 10000 malicious domains daily.

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