The Insecurities of the Kardashians: Kim isn’t as Popular as Kylie


Earlier, I removed this post from Medium, but I decided to post it again.

This past Monday night was like no other. After a full day of designing, conference calls, and coding, I was catching up on tech news. I saw that the Kardashian/Jenner clan launched their own subscription based apps to push exclusive content to fans who were willing to pay. Alongside these apps, they also launched websites. I’ll admit I downloaded Kylie’s app just to check it out. I also checked out the website, and just like most developers, I decided to take a look around to see what was powering the site. After I started digging a little bit deeper, I found a JavaScript file named kylie.min.75c4ceae105ad8689f88270895e77cb0_gz.js. Just for fun, I decided to un-minify this file to see what kind of data they were collecting from users and other metrics they may be tracking. I saw several calls to an API, which of course made sense. I popped one of those endpoints into my browser, and got an error just liked I expected. Then, I logged into the site with my username and password, and was directed to this page: