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The Department of Homeland Security is working on SOMETHING big and it will impact EACH DRIVER

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Department of Homeland Security has made some progress in their License Plate project, this project was initiated last year by the DHS. The DHS was searching for a contractor which would be able to build and operate a national license plate reader database, but now the DHS is searching for a company which will allow them to gain access to millions of registered License Plates and techniques which will allow the police and government agencies to track down License plates within seconds.

One company in California has already claimed that they are able to provide 2.2 billion license plate reads to the Department of Homeland Security.

To give you a good view of what will happen, I will sketch the following scenario. You are driving in a rented car, and you are heading towards a big city, the city has installed camera’s on highways and police vehicles, these camera’s are capable of scanning at least 60 cars a second. The scanned cars will be checked in a wanted list, if the rented car matches some values in the wanted list, the police officers or government agencies will be informed about that.

Now just imagine if the government would gain access to 2.2 billion license plates. It has been reported that some mistakes were made in the past, the mistakes often lead to aggressive confrontations as false information is provided about passing vehicles.

Share this with people that should know this: