The best TOR search engines of 2016

We have collected the best TOR search engines for your convenience. These TOR search engines are currently the best TOR search engines which will allow you to navigate through the TOR network. The search engines which have been listed in “The Best TOR Search engines [2016] version” have a daily task of indexing the TOR network for hosts and environments which provide a service.

This post is outdated. Please check out our latest post which contains a full list of TOR Search Engines. Additionally, try out our “Enter The Dark Web” page. 

TOR search engine Cyberwarzone

On the TOR network you can find various websites just like you find on the “normal web”. The websites which are hosted on the TOR network are not indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, but the search engines which are listed below, do index the TOR websites which are hosted via the TOR network.

TOR search engine Cyberwarzone 1

It is important to remember that you do need the TOR client on your device in order to access the TOR network, if you cannot use a TOR client on your device, you can use one of the free TOR gateways which are listed below in the web TOR providers tab.


Beware of malicious TOR clients which are provided on the internet, if you are going to use TOR, and you are going to want to use TOR client for your device, then we strongly recommend you to navigate to the official TOR website and download the TOR client from there.

You can find the official TOR website here: 

The reason why we are saying this is because in the past, is has occured that unaware users were lured into using malicious TOR clients,  allowing the “threat actor” behind the malicious TOR client to do whatever he/she wanted with the infected device.

So once again, if you are going to use the TOR network, only use it by downloading the official and legitimate TOR client from the official website which has been listed above.

TOR search engines

Web TOR gateways


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Replace * with the TOR domain.

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