The best IP checking tools

If you are searching for tools to get more information about a specific IP address, then you will want to continue reading this blog post. There are thousands of reasons why you would want to look-up an IP address and in order to help you forward, we have collected some awesome tools which will allow you to get an better understanding of who is owning that IP address and from where the IP address comes from.

Hurricane Electric Internet services

The Hurricane Electric Internet Services is a major database which holds information on a lot of IP addresses. Once you navigate to, you will see that there is an search tool which allows you to search for more information on a IP address.

Once you search for an IP address, you will see that it will give back various useful information, including the Autonomous System holder.

bgp ip check


The MXToolbox website holds various tools which will do checks on the IP address you provide. The site allows you to perform an MX lookup, Blacklist check, Diagnostics check, Domain health check and much more.


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