The best Facebook guide on how to get more likes and shares [Pictures + Infographics]

Facebook likes and shares can be a real challenge, and especially if you do not know the easy Facebook method, but we have decided to explain the method to you, so you can get the most out of your Facebook posts, blog posts and online activity.

Facebook shares and likes have to be provided by real people, there is no use in searching for an online service which will get you likes or shares, these services often use fake accounts to add shares and likes to a page or website and they usually get banned by the Facebook likes and shares filter, so it is important to focus on the content you are going to share because you are dealing with real people.

The postplanner website has published two articles which provide insight on how you should interact with your Facebook and website readers and it also explains on which type of content you should focus. It mainly comes down to making sure that you provide content which asks for interaction, and that you make sure that you add something unique to it, but it is not only postplanner which explained how to gain more likes and shares. The fastcompany website has published a post which allows you to get an insight in why Facebook shares and likes are important for your website and blog. They have noted down 7 powerful Facebook statistics which you should know about.

The charlesstonpr guide described something funny but true in their blog post on how to get the most likes and shares on Facebook. The writer explained that sometimes it can be handy to become a negative Facebook page, negative posts on a Facebook page often get a lot of comments and it does allow you to gain a position – but I do not think that it is the position you would like to get in the first place.

The Mashable website had published a infographic (picture) in 2012, the infographic explained on which points you should focus to get more likes and shares.

The Post type

There are various posts types which you can use, you can post a photo, text, video or a link, but did you know that each post which have different interaction from the readers?! We have noted down the best post type in order, so make sure that you note them down:


The photo post type will allow you to get the most out of your social media page. It has been researched and the result was that photos and text posts do the best, after them come the videos and the links which are being shared

How to get more likes

  • Photos #1
  • Text #2
  • Videos #3
  • Links #4

How to get more comments

  • Photo #2
  • Text #1
  • Video #3
  • Links #4

How to get more shares

  • Photo #1
  • Text  #3
  • Video #2
  • Links #4

So what will we focus on in the future

We have decided to sum up all the important topics which have been shared by the resources above. The focus points will definitely allow you to increase your like and share rate on a legal and genuine way. The methods and tips described below are used by Facebook pages that gain a lot of attention, and the reason is simple, it allows them to increase the traffic to their sites and it allows them to spread their products in a much faster way.

Posting pictures

The picture posts get 39% more interaction on social media networks. So why not try out a picture which contains a tip or a quote? It will certainly get you the traffic that you desire and it does not take a lot of time to create.  The internet is the perfect place to get free tools, so we have listed down these 5 text and quotes editors that allow you to edit pictures within seconds:

  • Quozio
  • Behappy
  • QuotesCover
  • ReciteThis
  • LivLuvCreate

Another great technique to gain more likes and shares is to post viral pictures, but just make sure that the pictures do fit the brand that you are promoting. The Reddit “Funny” and “Pics” section is a great place to find viral pictures. I also invite you to take a look at the Imgur and Buzzfeed websites which host a lot of viral and trending pictures.

Shorter posts

  • Shorter posts get 23% more interaction


  • Using emoticons increases comments by 33%

Dates you post

  • Research done by the fastcompany concluded that posts on Thursday and Friday get 18% more interaction.

Question posts

Questions posts get 100% more comments. You can use the “Either/Or” question method to get a lot of comments on your site, it is a genuine and legal technique which allows you to interact directly with your Facebook readers and guess what, if the question is cool, they will definitely share and like it.


  • 1 out of the 3 Facebook users will like a page to participate in contents.

Coupons and Discounts

  • 42% of the Facebook users will like a page to get a coupon or  discount code.

Personal story

Users love to interact with the Facebook page, so just make sure that you provide them some personal experiences which you had with the brand you are promoting. Reviews and feedback is always welcome.

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