The best Antivirus programs for Windows 10

We have listed down antivirus programs which are supported by Windows 10. This means that all the antivirus programs which you will see below, can be installed on a Windows 10 operating system. It does not matter if you use the Windows 10 Pro or Home version, these antivirus solutions all work on a Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Antivirus

Hackers and cybercriminals are always on the hunt for unaware internet users and vulnerable devices. These hackers and cybercriminals use tools and malicious files to infect devices. A lot of these tools and files have a signature, and if the antivirus vendor has the signature in her database, the antivirus program will be able to warn you about a malicious file or connection which is found on the device which you are operating or administrating.

Free or Paid

There is a big difference between a free or a paid antivirus solution. The paid versions often provider better security measures and they perform extra scans. I strongly recommend business environments to use a paid antivirus version.

Home user

But if you are Windows 10 user which is simply using the device for personal use, then you can choose for a free Windows 10 antivirus solution, but just remember that a paid antivirus solution will be able to identify more malicious connections and files on your system.

Download Antivirus programs for Windows 10

Please do not make the mistake to install multiple antivirus programs on one device. You should pick one antivirus vendor and stay with that vendor. Running multiple antivirus programs on one device could harm the scanning procedures which are needed by the antivirus programs and it could drastically decrease the speed of the Windows 10 device.

I personally recommend the MalwareBytes AV for home users.

Please do not use pirated Antivirus software, and only download the antivirus software for Windows 10 from the official Antivirus vendor websites or partners. Hackers and cybercriminals have uploaded fake and malicious antivirus programs to Torrent sites and file sharing networks, which they use to infect unaware computer users. Please do not become a victim of these type of hackers and cybercriminals.

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