The best Adware Generic virus removal guide

Generic Adware and Generic malware are pieces of code which perform activities that could be malicious, and for that reason, various security vendors like Avast, AVG, MalwareBytes and Norton have provided the name “Generic Adware” or “Generic Malware” to the identified piece of code.

Now you are probably here because you have received an warning from your antivirus scanner about a potential “Generic Adware” infection on your device.

The AVG Threat Labs team describes adware as:

Adware Generic is a software that installs an additional program to display and/or download to your device unwanted advertisements, toolbar and may be considered privacy-invasive.

The AVG team states that each software which install additional (unwanted) software and enables (unwanted) ads and other types of plug-ins is identified as “Adware Generic”.

The AVG Threat Labs team continues their definition on Adware Generic:

These kinds of threats, called Adware, track your computer’s web usage to feed you undesired ad pop-ups and some might even hijack your browser start or search pages, redirecting you to a different site or search engine than the one you had originally configured.

So if you are experiencing the above, and you also have received an warning from your antivirus product about a potential Adware Generic infection, then it you are on the right place.

How to remove the Adware Generic virus

In this “Adware Generic virus” removal guide, we are going to take things step by step. But if you have no time to read the complete article, you can scroll immediately to the bottom of this “Adware Generic virus removal guide” and you will see a list of steps which you can take.


If you have received this warning from your antivirus software, then you can easily follow the instructions that are provided by your antivirus software.

These instructions are often:

  1. Update your antivirus malware database to the latest version
  2. Perform a full scan on your device
  3. Remove any found malware and malicious content

I have no antivirus

But if you do not own an antivirus solution, you can simply download them for free from official vendors.

Once you have downloaded an antivirus solution, you will have to install the antivirus solution on the device. Once the antivirus solution has been installed, we will be able to continue to remove the Adware Generic virus from the device.

  1. Update the Antivirus Malware database to the latest version by using the update button in the Antivirus solution.
  2. Perform a complete scan on your device with the newly installed antivirus solution.
  3. Remove any found malware or malicious content.

Next step: CCleaner vs Adware Generic Viruses

Adware and PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) often alter registry keys and they also leave a lot of junk behind on the computer. In order to remove the “Adware Generic Virus” completely from the device, we will need to use the CCleaner solution.

CCleaner will scan the device for junk content and unwanted programs. Once it identifies junk and altered registry keys, it will prompt you to fix these keys or to leave them alone.

Simply follow the screenshots below as they will guide you on how to use the CCleaner solution.

1 ccleaner install

2 ccleaner install