Tesco Gift Card scam explained

CYBERWARZONE – Tesco customers are being targeted by the Tesco Gift Card scam campaign. In this scam campaign, the scammers are trying to victimize visitors by claiming that they can receive a 100, 200, 400, 500 dollar Tesco gift card by simply following some instructions which are given on the scam website.

In this post, I will explain to you how the Tesco Gift Card scam works, and I will share some alternatives of these scams with you.

Scammers have no morale, they are in it for the money. In most cases, the scammers will register look-a-like domains to increase the credibility of their scams.

On URLscan you can see a fake Tesco Gift Card website, which used the brand Tesco in the domain name.

Example of brand usage in scam site (URLscan.io)

The Tesco Gift Card scam pages make use of:

  • Look-a-like domains
  • Branded Tesco pictures
  • Fake promises

Different flavors, same scam

The scammers can quickly adopt their scams to different brands. Walmart customers are also being targeted by similar scams. The same offer is made but in a different flavor. In this case the visitors of the scam page are warned that there is a limited amount of Gift cards and that the visitor needs to be quick with their action in order to make a chance on the 100 dollar Walmart Gift Card.

Example of a fake Walmart Gift Card offer

Tesco New Year Gifts scam

The Tesco New Year Gifts scam, in this scam, the visitor is lured into performing unwanted actions. The page is loaded with various boxes, and the visitor is allowed to click on them.

Tesco New Year Gifts scam page (URLscan.io)

Each time the user clicks on one of the boxes, a new pop-up will appear, with instructions. These instructions can for example be that the visitors is requested to provide credentials or personal information into a survey. This trick is repeated, until the visitor leaves the site or becomes aware that no Tesco New Year gift will be given.

Winning free Tesco Gift cards

If you are on the hunt to win free Tesco Gift Cards, then please, do not do this via random email messages or social media messages which state that you have won something. Visit the official Tesco website, and search for their promotions. You can always call them or join specific Gift Card groups on social media which are curated.

How do they scam visitors with the fake Tesco Gift cards?

The scammers which are luring Tesco customers to fake gift card sites are trying to generate revenue from the visitors. They do this by luring the visitors into endless (monetized) surveys, advertisement loaded pages, adware pages and surveys which request personal and financial information.

Information which is collected, is sold by the scammers to cyber criminals. These cyber criminals will try to get more money out of the victim. Yes, this can be in any way that you can imagine.

Tesco is aware

The Tesco company is aware of these voucher scams, and has shared information on their website on how to stay safe against these type of scammers.

Tesco statement on Free vouchers and offers