Terror attacks in Tunisia, France, Kuwait and Somalia

This week, is a sad week in the eyes of many. Terrorists have carried out attacks in Tunisia, France and Somalia. The attacks have left dozens of people death, and it is certain that it will have an impact on the countries relationships when we take a look at the economic and touristic environments.

Picture shows the Tunisian gunmen which has been taken down.


The attack in Sousse, Tunisia, has resulted in the death of at least 27 people. The attacks have taken place at two tourist hotels in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse.

The assaulter had wielded a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and he was active on the beach resort areas. Various pictures have been leaked to the internet, which show how the assaulter has been taken down by the Tunisian government enforcers.


In France, an attack was carried out in the environment of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, which is nearby the French Lyon. The attack which had taken place there, had resulted in the death of a male. The attacker had decapitated the victim from his head.


In Kuwait, there had been an attack on a Shiite mosque, that attack resulted in the death of at least 13 people.


In Somalia, the Islamic terrorist movement al-Shabab has carried out an attack on African peacekeepers. This attack resulted in the death of 30 people.

We are truly, living in a SICK SAD LITTLE WORLD.