Telephone scam: 415-234-0491 claims to be IRS

If you have been called by the “415-234-0491” number, then be aware. The “415-234-0491” telephone number is being used by an scammer which is currently trying to lure unaware users by claiming that he is from the IRS. The “415-234-0491” has been actively calling random numbers in the hope to scam unaware users from their money.

The “415-234-0491” scammers will try to claim the following:

  • That there was something wrong with your taxes
  • That there is important information about your taxes
  • That the IRS has something important to share with you
  • That the IRS has started an investigation on you

The IRS or any other government agency will not contact you by telephone, they will always send you an letter. If you have been contacted by the “415-234-0491” IRS scammers, and you still do not trust the case, then you might want to contact the IRS and ask them if there are any open cases on which you should be informed about.


You should also inform them about the fact that you have been contacted by someone which claimed to be from the IRS. You can show them the number and they might start an investigation on the “415-234-0491” IRS scammers. Scamming is illegal all over the world and it would not be bad to see the IRS scammer in front of a judge.

Do note that you should never provide personal information over the telephone or by mail. The chances are very high that the information might land at parties which will make illegal use of it. The “415-234-0491” IRS scam is a perfect example on how you need to stay vigilant and aware for threats and people that want to take advantage.

The “415-234-0491” scammers are after personal information which they can use in future scams. The “415-234-0491” scammers might sell the collected information to (cyber) criminal networks, so please do not hesitate and inform your environment about this IRS scammer.

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