Tails live OS affected by critical zero-day vulnerabilities

Tails 1_1 vulnerable tweet

On the other side the development team of Tails declared that it is unaware of the zero-day vulnerabilities

“We were not contacted by Exodus Intel prior to their tweet. In fact, a more irritated version of this text was ready when we finally received an email from them. They informed us that they would provide us with a report within a week. We’re told they won’t disclose these vulnerabilities publicly before we have corrected it, and Tails users have had a chance to upgrade. We think that this is the right process to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities, and we’re really looking forward to read this report.” is reported in the post published by the Tails dev team.

Tails team also confirmed that it will deploy some extra features to improve the security of the operating system and protect users’s privacy.

Being fully aware of this kind of threat, we’re continuously working on improving Tails’ security in depth. Among other tasks, we’re working on a tight integration of AppArmor in Tails, kernel and web browser hardening as well as sandboxing, just to name a few examples.” the Tails team added.

The discovery Exodus researcher is the confirmation that any software could be potentially affected by a flaw … and every flaw could be exploited by your enemies.

Pierluigi Paganini

Security Affairs –  (Tails, privacy)