400 Adelaide women had their private videos leaked online

The South Australian police is investigating a case, in which 400 females had become victim of a network which uploads leaked private videos to an American hosted website. The site which currently holds the pictures, claims that they will provide an option to the 400 females to delete or remove the pictures of the American […]

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A women comes to the hacker

Every day thousands of people become the victims of identity fraud. Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crime which is hitting unaware and aware internet users. Parents, children and friends scatter all kind of information on the internet without having the idea that there could be a malicious internet user active, which is […]


[Exclusive] Would you like to see women fighting in the UFC?! ! [hoax]

Would you like to see women fighting in the UFC?! ! is the video which is being shared on the Facebook social media network. The ‘Would you like to see women fighting in the UFC’ video is a malicious scheme which is luring unaware internet users to a malicious website which will try to infect […]