Malicious history of has been listed on Cyberwarzone because it has a history of malicious activities. The IP has been reported on various domains which keep track of malicious IP’s. The chance is very high that has already been added to your blacklist service provider. Reasons why is listed on Cyberwarzone: History of being on a blacklist History […]


Ikea collection holds wireless phone charging furniture

The Swedish furniture maker has come with a new collection which holds wireless phone charging furniture. Besides the furniture with charging points Ikea has also published a do-it-yourself kit on the market. This package consists of a charging point that one can build in existing furniture. Depletion of batteries is a major annoyance for many […]


The Invisible Beauty of Wireless Networks

Humans can only see a small patch of the electromagnetic spectrum – a mere 310nm range. Other animals can see into the ultraviolet and infrared, but none can see the wavelengths used for wireless networks. Imagine if we could. Luis Hernan has given us a vision of what that might be like. Hernan, a PhD student at the […]

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Wireless Inside Your Body

Assistant Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering Stanford University and former Senior Research Scientist at Intel Corporation Ada Shuk Yan POON and her team invented wireless electronic device with power useage same power as a cell phone to transfer power to another medical device deep inside Human body wirelessly. This tiny device opens new era to […]

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Wireless payment trend in The Netherlands increases security threat

It is the latest trend in The Netherlands, the ING bank has introduced a new system which allows their clients to use a card which makes a wireless connection to any payment point. The card which is shown above, is made to make it easier for the clients to pay their products. The clients now […]