Free WhatsApp Spam Bot

This free Whatsapp spam bot is capable of sending automated messages to any number you have provided. The usage of the Whatsapp spam bot is very direct as it uses the browser of the device to send the messages. Why is it free? The Whatsapp spam bot is free as it is hosted on Github […]

How to

Order Pizza via Whatsapp with one click!

This is so cool, did you know that you can Whatsapp your complete food order via Whatsapp with just one click! Let me rephrase this, you can create shortcuts on your desktop which allow you to send direct Whatsapp messages. Lets say, you want to order Pizza from your favourite place via Whatsapp, then you […]


A serious hack, update your WhatsApp right now

WhatApp has a buffer overflow flaw that can be exploited by remote attackers to install spyware in targeted device by simple WhatsApp call. You even need not to answer the call. It can be hacked by simply a WhatsApp missed call. WhatsApp is a freeware popular messaging app owned by Facebook. It allows sending of […]


New WhatsApp Scam – Verification Code

Beware WhatsApp users, you could be the next hacking victim of a hacking campaign through text message service. If you receive this message via text message, your account may be hacked. WhatsApp is the most popular and widely accepted messaging services in the world, with more than 1 Billion active users. This figure is going […]


Whatsapp is down 4/14/2019

Today, reports stated that Whatsapp is down. If you know more, please leave a comment.