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[VIDEO] Always think twice before you upload a picture

In the following footage it is view able how a couple of girls are simply having a good time, and one of the girls decides to publish a picture of the group on Facebook. What she did not know is that thousands of people will have access to that picture. Just watch the footage below […]


Do not upload this picture to Facebook – it will get you banned

The 31337 Facebook group has made a remarkable finding. The group claims to have found a Twitter botnet, which is using pictures to herd and command it’s botnet. The TrutherBot on Twitter has 202 000 followers, and it is a very active account. The TrutherBot published a modified image from the official Intel website. The TrutherBot […]

How to

The perfect guide on how to upload your video on WorldStarHipHop

Uploading your video on WorldStarHipHop is just one step, getting it allowed is the second step and making it go viral is the third step. Read this perfect guide on how to upload your WorldStarHipHop video. As you can imagine, the WorldStarHipHop website receives a lot of requests to upload a video on the WorldStarHipHop […]