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If you have downloaded “The Interview” you might have an virus on your device

Cybercriminals have released a malicious “The Interview” application which runs on Android devices. The malicious application has been found by the Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt and the Centre for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED)and the researchers of McAfee. The malicious “The Interview” application is using the malicious code which is identified as the Android/Badaccents Android Trojan. […]


The Hidden Messsage on The PirateBay: Download The Interview

The PirateBay has left a couple of encrypted strings on the frontpage of TPB page. There are just a few thousand of users which are aware of the meaning of the encrypted strings. B40706D7FA0AAEF00274CD1A461B38DBEE317491 Did you know that if you copy and paste the key which can be found on the left side of TPB […]


The Interview movie: Death scene of Kim Jong-Un [OFFICIAL]

The interview, Sony and North Korea. WOW, what a story – I am not even certain how to classify this, is this a troll? hack? or is this cyberwar (I know, No war has been declared). Whatever it is, it has moved a lot of companies and people. The Interview movie is about two guys […]