Syrian passports are being sold for $825 dollars – The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is now an Syrian civilian

Journalist buys Syrian passport for “Mark Rutte” Prime Minister of the Netherlands ,Syria passports used to enter Europe by thousands of Refugees. Harald Doornbos Dutch journalist bought a fake Syrian passport and ID card for $825 in North Syria. Harald Doornbos research shows that the passports are primarily bought by three groups: Syrians who have […]

Anonymous Defacements Hacking

Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Mobile Washingtonpost Website

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) have hacked the mobile version of Washingtonpost news website. The mobile washingtonpost website shows an alert “You’ve been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army!”,”US govt is training the terrorists to kill more Syrians” ,”Saudi Arabia and its allies are killing hundreds of Yemens people everyday!” ,”The media is always lying”.


FOOTAGE: Gunship used in Syria to drop bombs on homes in Inkhil

Footage has been shared to LiveLeak and other video platforms which shows how an Gunship is being used to drop an missile or bomb on the city of Inkhil. Inkhil is a large town in the al-Sanamayn District in Southern Syria. The Gunship In the footage it is clearly visible how the gunship dropped an […]


74 Malware file names which were used by PRO-Assad hackers

The Pro-Assad hackers have used various names to hide their malicious codes. The FireEye report has published the names on the report, but they have not done this in an alphabetical order. In the list below you will be able to view the names of the malware samples which were used in the PRO-ASSAD attack […]


Syrian MD5 values of malware used by Pro-Assad hackers

FireEye has published a report which holds the MD5 values of the malware which was used in the attacks on the Syrian Rebels. We have listed the MD5 values, so you will be able to research them. Please note that we do not have the malware samples. The values of the MD5 strings have been […]