How to stay safe from spam emails

Every day we get frustrated by emails offering us loans, credit cards, various health services and healthcare products. These all junk emails are called spam. Now a day cyber criminals also send spam email to Read more

Spam and Phishing Emails

In this article we will discuss what the differences are between Spam and Phishing emails. Regardless of whether you are an understudy, agent or an office goer, messages are a vital piece of your day Read more

Swiss CERT cracked the Tofsee botnet DGA

The Tofsee botnet domain generation algorithm has been cracked by the Swiss Governmental Computer Emergency Response Team. The CERT states that the malware sample was found in their malware zoo, and that they decided to Read more

FBI Cyber Most Wanted GameOver Zeus (GOZ) Mastermind

The United States Federal Beaureu Investigation (FBI) published in its Cyber Most wanted list the Russian hacker VGENIY MIKHAILOVICH BOGACHEV alias (“lucky12345” and “slavik”) for conspiracy and spreading GameOver Zeus Trojan malware world wide. According Read more