Cybersecurity Hacking

PowerSpy – How to spy on mobile users by monitoring the power supply

A group of researchers has proposed a new technique dubbed PowerSpy to track mobile users’ location by analyzing data related to the power supply. A group of researchers at Stanford University and the Israeli defense company Rafael has discovered a way to track mobile devices by analyzing the power supply. The experts have proposed a technique […]


Rumors say Lizard Squad is going to release PlayStation 4 Jailbreak

Rumors on the Internet reveals that the PlayStation 4 Jailbreak hack allegedly made by the Lizard Squad would be soon available. It is difficult to understand right now how true the news, but according to rumors circulating in the Internet the popular hacking collective Lizard Squad, responsible for the attacks against Sony PSN, XBox live and […]

Cybercrime Defacements

Notepad++ site hacked by a pro jihad group

The website of the popular Notepad++ editor was hacked and defaced by hacktivists protesting against the recently released “Je suis Charlie” edition. Members of the Tunisian  hacking crew named “Hackers of the Fallaga Team” have compromised and defaced a large number of French websites following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Hundreds of French websites have been […]


Several Electronic Arts Origin accounts hacked

Many gamers are finding purchases that they never made their accounts for Electronic Arts Origin service. Once again the gaming industry under attack. There is no peace for the companies operating in the gaming industry. During Christmas holidays, the hackers of Lizard Squad brought down the PSN and Xbox live services, while yesterday the hacking […]


Microsoft recalls Exchange patch in the last Tuesday Update, it is the second straight month

Microsoft recalls Exchange patch, it’s the second time in two months that Microsoft is recalling a security update published along with its patch Tuesday release. Microsoft has announced the recall of a security patch released to fix a problem in its Exchange Server. It is the second straight month that Microsoft has issued a critical […]