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How former hacker Hector “Sabu” Monsegur got arrested by FBI

Hector Sabu Monsegur, is responsible for the arrest of dozens of Anonymous spirits. He has accepted to do an interview with CBS, and CBS has posted the interview on the internet. In the interview, Hector “Sabu” Monsegur explains how he found out that he was being followed by the FBI. He aided the FBI in […]


Hey Sabu, you better read this letter from Ryan @APT1337

MESSAGEĀ from @APT1337 Dear my “brother” Sabu. Greetings from the real world. You know, where cause and consequence reign free and mighty. I’ll send you a postcard sometime. Anyway… How is being a human bidet for the FBI treating you? The very people you taught the young and impressionable to hate. I heard you now have […]

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Hackers claim family of FBI hacker Sabu sells drugs

Hackers have published personal information on the FBI Hacker “Sabu”. The hackers have posted the information on the Pastebin website, which is public to the internet. The d0x contains information on Hector Xavier Monsegur. The dox continues to published “personal” information about the FBI hacker Sabu. Do note that we cannot verify the information. […]

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The second rat which helped Sabu

Everyone wants to know who the person was which helped the Hacker Sabu to take down the infamous hacktivist group. The leaked documents refer to the second RAT as CW-1, CW-2. CW stands for confidential witness. This information has been provided through the leaked documents which have been published via theregister website. The documents don’t […]


Footage released of Hacker Sabu walking outside

Take a look at the following footage which shows you how the FBI hacker Sabu is enjoying a cigarette and the fresh outside air. The hacker has received a sentence of 7 months in jail after he has helped the FBI and the NSA for 3 years. The hacker Sabu was captured when he was […]