APT POTAO EXPRESS: Infected version TrueCrypt used for cyber spying

A Russian website has been sharing a malicious TrueCrypt application for several years and recently it was made public by ESET that the file which is offered via the Russian website is actually a Trojan horse which is being used for espionage. The website hxxp:// (MALICIOUS) was forcing this malicious TrueCrypt version and once the […]


Armed door was not enough to save cybercriminal twins

The Russian cybercriminal twins have been arrested, after the Russian police had decided that they had collected enough information since 2012 to raid the house of the Russian cybercriminal twins. The brothers, who are twins, were convicted for cybercrime in 2012, the judge had decided to give them a probationary period, but the twins were […]

Cyberwar Hacking

Russian Hackers Gained Access To The White House Computer System

CNN report that sensitive parts of the White House and the State Department’s computer system were breached by Russian hackers. According to CNN news network, the hackers had access to sensitive information such as real-time non-public details of the president’s schedule, The U.S. intelligence agencies and Secret Service are all involved in investigating the breach,the […]

Cybersecurity Hacking

Topface Online Dating Site Says We are Not Hacked

News goes on internet that Russian online dating and chatting site Topface have been hacked and about 20 million users names and passwords offered for sell on internet. Topface team post in a press release that almost all 81 millions of its users log into dating site using Facebook or Vkontakte or other social networks […]


Hacker claims to have hacked the Russian Visa Center

The hacker MCMXCVII has left a Pastebin post which holds various credentials of the claimed hack. The PasteBin does not hold any information about the origin of the leak, or how it had been breached.  Once you take a look at the dump, you will see that there are various administrator and moderator accounts. VIEW THE […]