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YARA rules download: The best YARA rules for Malware Analysis and Detection

YARA rules are used to identify specific types of malware, and the use of YARA rules is very simple and straight forward. The fact that the use of YARA is easy has allowed the community to create hundreds of YARA rules which identify unique malicious binaries and threats. But here comes the though part, there […]


Facebook Threat Exchange approval e-mail

A while ago we submitted to participate in the Facebook Threat Exchange program. This program/project has been setup by Facebook and her partners to create a massive Threat Exchange database. A couple of days ago, we received an e-mail from Facebook Threat Exchange: Hello, Thanks for requesting access to ThreatExchange. We are reviewing your submission […]


74 Malware file names which were used by PRO-Assad hackers

The Pro-Assad hackers have used various names to hide their malicious codes. The FireEye report has published the names on the report, but they have not done this in an alphabetical order. In the list below you will be able to view the names of the malware samples which were used in the PRO-ASSAD attack […]

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CRIGENT malware

TrendMicro has released a new report which reveals the methods the CRIGENT malware used to operate. The malware researchers from Trendmicro explained that the CRIGENT malware used the TOR networks to stay hidden and that it used the Windows Powershell function to install and spread malicious codes. This is not the first malware which used […]

Cybersecurity Malware yet again victim of a DDoS attack?

Are you having trouble to access the website? Then it could be that they are working on their servers. It is also a possibility that they are a victim of a cyberattack. The website is under continous attacks by angry cybercriminals. Why you might ask? The reason is pretty clear, the website is […]