This is a small post about Ransomware. This post will provide you some insight on Ransomware. Ransomware This type of malware locks the infected device from the user. It demands “ransom” and it often has to be paid in Bitcoins. How to stay safe There are thousand and one methods to stay safe when you are […]

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Chinese hackers violated systems at the Office of Personnel Management

The New York Times revealed that in March Chinese hackers hacked systems at Office of Personnel Management stealing files of thousands of  Federal employees According to the New York Times, senior American officials revealed that a group of Chinese hackers violated the computer networks of the United States government agency in March. The Chinese bad actors hacked US government systems earlier this […]


Svpeng Android ransomware is impossible to repel after the infection

Experts at Kaspersky Lab are following the evolution of Svpeng Android malware, born as banking trojan and evolved in ransomware which hit US customers. The mobile malware Svpeng is evolving and recent versions were adapted to classic extortion scheme targeting Android devices in the US. Svpeng was detected for the first time one year ago by experts at Kaspersky Lab, first instances […]