Terror threat on Belgian plane

A plane from Brussels Airport to Cairo has been held on the ground because of a terrorist threat. A man which wanted to board the plane was arrested and questioned in Brussels. The male was noted down on a watch list. The arrested male claimed that “something” would happen to the plane.


Footage leaked of Drone hitting civilian plane

If you want to fly a drone, you will need to have a permit in some countries, and the reasons are pretty obvious. If something goes wrong, you will not be able to fix the problem immediately. In the next footage, you will see how an drone crashes into a civilian plane. You will also […]


[FACEBOOK scam] [H0RRIBLE VlDE0] The most dangerous Plane Crash Accident of the World !!!

Be aware of The most dangerous Plane Crash Accident of the World Facebook scam which is being shared by unaware Facebook users. The Facebook users have been lured to the malicious website which is hosting the Plane Crash Accident Facebook scam. The scam has been crafted by Facebook scammers which want to generate an online […]

Facebook Malware

[Facebook video] CIA Knows What Happened To Malaysia Plane [hoax]

The Full Facebook video titled ‘CIA Knows What Happened To Malaysia Plane’ is a video which is being shared by people on social media. The ‘CIA Knows What Happened’ video is a malicious hoax which has been crafted by cybercriminals. The crafted schemes target unaware internet users, they lure the unaware users to a malicious […]

Facebook Hacking Malware

New Facebook scam [VIDEO] Plane Crash over the bridge!

Hackers on Facebook are sharing a new message which promises the victims a video where they can view how a plane crashes over a bridge. The hackers are using a picture of a movie that has been screened on TV. Which movie it is, i don’t know yet. Well lets take a look at the […]