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Ecuadorean President Correa claims attacks on his private computers and accounts

Ecuadorean President Correa has publicly denounced the US Intelligence continuous cyber attacks against his private internet accounts and computers. Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has publicly denounced the US Intelligence of “systematic, high-tech” cyber attacks on his private internet accounts and computers. The President Rafael Correa also revealed that the last attack occurred  on Thursday, November 20th, was […]

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Operation Huyao, the scary evolution of phishing attacks

Security experts at TrendMicro have discovered a new Phishing technique dubbed Operation Huyao that it very hard to detect by site owners and end-users. Security experts have uncovered a new phishing technique, dubbed Operation Huyao, targeting online shopping websites and that is considered by researchers a significantly change to the threat landscape for phishing activities. In a classic […]


Operation Distributed Dragons, thousands of machine compromised worldwide

Operation Distributed Dragons – Tiger Security firm has discovered a series of DDoS attacks from China and that appear as run by a structured organization. Security experts at the Italian Tiger Security firm have spotted a new wave of DDoS attacks that were originated in China and that appear as run by well organized APT. The expert identified […]

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Smart meters can be hacked to hit the National power network

Two researchers analyzed Smart meters widely used in Spain and discovered that can be hacked by attackers to harm the overall National power network. Internet of things devices are becoming a privileged target of cyber criminals, recently Akamai disclosed the existence of the Spike botnet which used by bad actors to run DDoS attacks through desktops and IoT devices. Another report issued by the same vendor […]


Threat actors phishing for Intellectual property and source code from IT giants

FireEye CEO David DeWalt explained that threat actors are targeting IT giants for source code and highlighted the importance to adopt new security model. Phishing is a common practice in the hacking community, despite the level of awareness of the threat is high, the efficiency of the attacks is still significant. As highlighted in the […]