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Facebook, Google and Twitter Doesn’t Know Your Password

It may come as a surprise, but YouTube doesn’t know your password. Facebook, Google, Twitter, none of them do. No decent website knows your password. It’s safer, that way a rouge employee or hacker can’t access your passcode. So how do the world’s most famous websites know when you sign in correctly? Super nerd Tom Scott explains […]

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Pass The Hash (PtH) Cyber Attacks

Pass the Hash cyber attacks technic used against Microsoft operating stsytem to captures password hashes,The attacker reuse password hashes to authenticate other user over network,PtH attack is very similar to password theft attacks. The PtH attack technic inplace of capturing plain text passwords captures password hashes. Howto reduce and  the risk of PtH cyber attacks […]


Massive collection of password wordlists to recover your lost password

Are you having a hard time to retrieve your lost password? Then you might want to use this massive collection of passwords to retrieve your personal account. Do remember that brute forcing accounts without permission from the account holders is illegal. We are sure that you will enjoy this massive collection of passwords and wordlists. Download […]