Video: This common password format is one of worst ways to protect yourself

Tech Insider has published an awesome video which shows how easy it is for hackers to break passwords. They explain how hackers are capable of obtaining password software which allows them to generate millions of password combinations. Although the video claims that single phrase passwords are not enough, it is still better than 12345. The […]


SCADA password list for recovery of lost SCADA passwords

Download the most complete SCADA password list directly from Cyberwarzone. In this SCADA password list we have collected various online resources that contain SCADA passwords. The SCADA systems that have been mentioned in the list all use default SCADA passwords. You can use this list to recover lost SCADA systems passwords. The following vendors have […]

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Twitter Password Recovery Bug Expose 10,000 Aactive Accounts Information

Twitter announced on it’s blog that less than 10,000 active accounts personal information was freely accessible. A bug have effected “Password Recovery” System for 24 hours wrote Twitter’s Trust & Info Security Officer on his blog ,company have notified users that their email addresses and phone numbers were exposed. Anyone who has exploited the bug […]

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Video :Iranian Cyber Army Parastoo Claim New York Dam Hack

Parastoo (Persian: پرستو ; swallow) Iranian hacker group claimed the credit for cyber attack on small Dam in New York city in 2013 ,said Democrat New York City Senator. According the report by NBC News Iranian cyber army have accessed and read files content passwords and user names between 22th August and 27th September in […]

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Countries with Highest Malware Infected Rates in the World

Microsoft have released its security intelligence report focused on first quarter of 2015 on software vulnerabilities, software vulnerability exploits, malware, and unwanted software. According the report attackers have improved their skills and using more tricks and tactics like: Unpatched vulnerabilities Misconfigured computers Weak passwords Social engineering to compromise the target computers. The following map is […]