400 Adelaide women had their private videos leaked online

The South Australian police is investigating a case, in which 400 females had become victim of a network which uploads leaked private videos to an American hosted website. The site which currently holds the pictures, claims that they will provide an option to the 400 females to delete or remove the pictures of the American […]

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What would you do if a hacker would add your (future) child on Facebook?!

This is a very important question to ask yourself, what would you do as a brother/sister/parent or relative if you found out a hacker had been exchanging messages and pictures with a child?! Which steps would you take first? Would you ask the child if something weird has happened or if the person had made […]


Online Privacy: These 7 cheaters got caught ONLINE by their Girlfriends

The internet is great, as it allows a lot of people to get the information which they want to see, but sometimes it happens by mistake that people get certain types of information. In the pictures below, you will be able to see why it is important to care about your privacy. The 7 Cheaters […]

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[GUIDE] This is getting you HACKED, now you can STOP IT

While you are reading this, thousands of devices worldwide are getting hacked/infected with malware and malicious applications which have been designed by cybercriminals. These cybercriminals have decided to create an income from hacking into environments which are not their property. Once these cybercriminals gain access to the properties, they start searching for information which they […]


OverPlay: Watch TV from anywhere and stay secure while doing it

The Overplay service is a great solution if you want to be able to view your TV program from anywhere in the world, and even from space. The Overplay service uses various techniques and methods which allow you to view your favorite TV channel from all over the world. It is a common problem that […]