Stromae just published this HONEST video on Twitter users, including the USA president

The singer Stromae and his producers have published a new video for the “Carmen” song. The video takes a look on how the Twitter community is changing the way we act in our social life.┬áThe video starts with a small bird (Twitter) which joins Stromae, they first have a good time, gaining in strenght and […]

Anonymous How to

Change your Windows login sound to the Anonymous theme

Thousands of people around the world are in love with the Anonymous concept, some of them buy T-Shirts, Masks and other type of gear but there is a special selection which wants to change their Windows login sound to the Anonymous theme. We have decided to create a short tutorial on Cyberwarzone about how you […]


The best music to listen while you are hacking – 2014 series

Hackers enjoy their time with hacking. But did you know that each type of hacker has it’s own kind of music? Which type of music do hackers listen to? This will be the article, where you can leave your music list of hacking music. Do not hesitate to add your list. Bad comments will be […]