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Facebook chat encrypter: Encrypt your Facebook chat messages!

A new¬†Facebook chat encrypter has been released in the form of a Facebook plugin. The¬†Facebook chat encrypter will encrypt your Facebook chat messages with AES encryption. The developer claims that it will add a simple lock icon in your chat box which (once clicked) allow you to setup a password for the encryption of the […]

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Steganography: How to hide text in pictures with Windows Command Prompt

The Windows operating system allows users to hide text files in pictures by simply using the Windows Command Prompt. The Windows Command prompt can be found in each Windows operating system, so this guide can be used on all the Windows operating systems and not only 8.1 or 7. This technique allows you to hide […]

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Hacker sends random text messages “I am pregnant and it is yours”

Hackers just want to have fun. This time a hacker decided to send a specific text message to random mobile numbers. The response which was showed will shock you. It is one of the oldest trick in the book. Telling your boyfriend that he is going to be a baby daddy. But what happends when […]