MAC OSX Ransomware as a Service provides ransomware to infect MAC OSX products

Alienvault investigators and Fortinet have discovered a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) for macOS dubbed called MacRansom. This may be the first time cybercriminals offer such a service for Apple’s platforms. Via RaaS, criminals can easily create ransomware, and often some of the revenue made by the cybercriminals will go to the ransomware developer. Criminals which use this […]

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Check if you have the Flashback malware on your Apple MAC computer

A recent report which has been published on the website explains that currently 25000 MAC computers are still infected with the Flashback malware. The Flashback malware had been identified in 2012 and it is known that the Flashback malware has been hitting vulnerable MAC computers with click-fraud scams and Trojans. A couple of years […]