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Microsoft Live SSL Digital Certificates Used For Spoofing

Digital Certificates of Microsoft and could use to spoof content, perform phishing attacks ,or perform man-in-the-middle attacks report Microsoft Security Advisory 3046310. According Microsoft a SSL certificate was improperly issued due to a misconfigured privileged email account on the domain. An email account was able to be registered for the domain […]


Male with gun enters NOS Public Broadcasting studio in The Netherlands and demands LIVE airtime

A man with a gun has invaded the premises of a public broadcasting studio in Hilversum. He demanded  airtime and had gained access to the editorial floor. The  “well-dressed man” has been arrested and taken away by the Dutch police. He would have been overpowered by a security guard. Pictures of the male are being shared […]

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[MUST SHARE] The best FiFa World Cup Live Online Streams

Stop and do not search further, we have collected the best FiFa World Cup Live Online Streams which will allow you to watch the FIFA world cup from anyplace in the world. The FiFa World Cup Live Online Streams are listed because a lot of people want to watch the FIFA world cup online. There are some […]