The Moroccan Snowden: Chris Coleman which daily leaked Moroccan official documents for 3 months

Hold on, have you heard about the hacker which has been leaking HIGHLY, and when i say HIGHLY, i mean HIGHLY classified documents which belong to Moroccan high ranking officials?! The people in that region are calling him the African Edward Snowden. The hack had an impact on the Moroccan “high ranking” society, a hacking […]

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Wikileaks did it again, FinFisher chats and clients exposed

Oh yeah, FinFisher is taking hit after hit. Earlier their demo environment got leaked to the internet, which allowed hackers to investigate and understand the FinFisher software. Now it seems that WikiLeaks has gone a step further, they have published a list of the FinFisher chats and clients. The information which is held in the […]


Scam: Jay Z Leaks Tape with Wife Beyonce (Divorce Filed)

The “Jay Z Leaks Tape with Wife Beyonce (Divorce Filed)” scam is currently trending social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The scam is luring unaware users to the malicious website which claims to hold a private video of Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce. The scam is setup in such a way that it will […]

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Hacker leaks Automotive Electronics database online after hack

The hacker “Kashirmi Cheetah” claims to have hacked the website, which holds the website of the DigiTax Automotive Electronics company. The company provides products which allow companies to┬ákeep track of the revenue which has been made by automotive services, like a taxi. The hacker has uploaded the database dump of the Automotive Electronics company […]

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You will not BELIEVE how hackers leak nude pictures!

So a word about celebrities who ended up having their private photos being spread all over the Internet. It was not a magnificent hack it seems but old fashioned getting their password. This was (probably) done using the reset my password feature. When you reset you password it often asks you questions like “What is […]