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Iran and Israel Cyber Warfare Capabilities Among World’s Best

The U.S. National Security Agency former chief General Keith Alexander told in an interview with British newspaper the Daily Telegraph  that Iran and Israel capabilities in cyber warfare are among the world’s best. The Former NSA chief count Iran and Israel in top 5 countries after U.S. ,Russia and United Kingdom with cyber warfare capabilities,according […]

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Arab Hackers Penetrated Israeli Military Network

The security firm Blue Coat Systems Inc researcher have discovered a cyber attack on Israeli military network as part of a cyber espionage campaign with software developed by Arabic speaking programmers . According the researcher the software was used in this attack was crafted together from widely available tools, such as the remote-access Trojan called Poison […]


Israeli hackers warns Anonymous and Anti-Israel hackers

All the continents on the planet are at war with each other. Some participate in the physical war, and some participate in the cyberwar which is taking place. Israeli hackers have warned Anonymous and other hacking groups like AnonGhost that they will reveal the identities of the hackers which are targeting Israel. The Israeli hackers […]

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Lebanon Global Cyber Espionage Campaign Code Named Explosive

Global cyber espionage campaign exposed in Lebanon against targets in Israel, the US, Canada, Russia and the UK as well as against targets in Lebanon itself. Israeli-based cyber firm “Checkpoint” researchers published a report which exposed the cyber espionage operation and uncovered an attack campaign called Volatile Cedar,and suggest the attacker’s motives are not financial […]

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Operation OpIsrael 2015 Published Thousands of Israelis Personal Information

Operation OpIsrael 2015 in recent days published regularly personal information of thousands of Israelis,on 2 April a list of 4,655 email addresses and encrypted passwords of Israelis were published on internet. OpIsrael is a coordinated cyber-attack by anti-Israel hacktivist groups Anonymous and individuals against Israelis websites. In recent days different lists are published on internet, […]