Iran Unveiled Native Instant Messaging App

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, or IRIB unveiled “Soroush” a new instant messaging application for desktop ,Ios and Android for English and Farsi users. The Iranian home made messaging application have capabilities similar to WhatsApp, Viber and telegram which is very popular among Iranian users. The “Soroush” instant messenger gives the user the possibility to send voice […]


A convicted Iranian man refuses to be executed

We are not aware of the specific story behind the arrest and order of execution of the male, but it is clearly visible, that this male is about the be hanged, and he refuses to participate in his own end. In the footage it is visible how the Iranian man does everything in his capacity to […]

Cybercrime Malware

Kiddies: Police arrested two hackers which were tunneling money to their own bank accounts

A 28-year-old Iranian hacker and a 26-year-old Polish hacker have been arrested in Delft, The Netherlands after they had been tunneling hacked money to their own private and personal banking accounts. The hackers had obtained access to at least 77 companies by using Remote Access Trojans that were attached to malicious e-mails. The Iranian and […]


Singing Iranian man gets interrupted by female and starts harassing her

Sigh. When will people understand that at the point you raise your hands, that you already have lost the battle?! Showing “strength” instead of intelligence is something which only idiots do. Now the following video is being shared by social media networks and I am certain that people want to gain more information about the […]


Iranian Hacking Websites

Iranian security experts and hackers use Iranian Hacking websites and Iranian Hacking forums to exchange information on vulnerabilities and exploits. The Iranian people are very active on the internet, the internet allows them to educate other security experts. The Iranian government funds the Ashiyane forum as it is a massive portal for them to train […]