Cyberwar Hacking Malware

NSA Regin Spyware Infected German Federal Chancellery

German news magazine Der Spiegel have reported that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has initiated a further investigation in connection with the cyber espionage activities of NSA and British GCHQ. The head of a German Federal Chancellery unit the federal agency that serves Chancellor Angela Merkel office reported that his laptop is infected with cyber espionage […]


Foreign Intelligence Services Behind Bundestag Cyber Attack

Who is behind the cyber attack on computer network of the German parliament Bundestag is still unknown ,the complexity of unknown malicious Trojan used in attack suggest that foreign intelligence services are involved ,as Spiegel Online reported. According the report a tailor-made advanced persistent cyber attacks supported and used by foreign intelligence service to steal […]

Cyberwar Hacking

NSA Cyber Attack Platform

Documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden and published by German magazine on January 17 2015, reveals more sophisticated cyber weapons which is active near 10 years and have been used by “Five Eyes” group against targets at least more than fourteen countries. Russian Kaspersky Lab have obtain and analyzed copy of the software codenamed […]