Be aware the ‘Gay village in the Netherlands’ is a hoax

The members of a gay party have started a hoax in The Netherlands, the hoax claims that The Netherlands will create a village where gay people can stay. This hoax hasĀ gone viral as a lot of people are afraid of the rising violence against gay people. Citing a report in local paperĀ Brabants Dagblad, English-language news […]


Be aware of the Channing Tatum comes out as Gay hoax

As we mentioned earlier, there is a new website which is generating hoaxes and scams. The Channing Tatum comes out as gay message which is being shared on Facebook is another hoax which has been crafted via the website. The website is a prank generator which allows people to create pranks which in […]

Facebook Malware

Facebook video: Rapper Lil Wayne tells BBC that he is gay & happy

A new video has been released on Facebook which claims that the rapper LiL Wayne has told the BBC that he is gay and happy. The video which has been released on Facebook is a scheme hosted by cybercriminals to infect unaware users to install a virus. The video titled ‘Rapper Lil Wayne tells BBC […]