Command and Control DarkComet RAT found in military networks

Several samples connect to systems of the US DoD Network Information Center, and the UK Ministry of Defence. Malware Name DarkComet CampaignID LogUser Domains…/e121c5a3c4db555a826e0347ae0e… Malware Name DarkComet MD5 ab51fe04ba803e8c4dc606ec192539d4 FLOWS TCP ➝ Read more

DarkComet RAT sample – DC_MUTEX-4Y37736

Are you searching for DarkComet RAT samples and mutexes?! Then stop your search and take a look at the “28e9360edf03c582eb04822e85354381” RAT example which has been identified by us on “ 30-Sep-14”.  The DarkComet RAT is often Read more

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