Command and Control DarkComet RAT found in military networks

October 8, 2014 0

Several samples connect to systems of the US DoD Network Information Center, and the UK Ministry of Defence. Malware Name DarkComet CampaignID LogUser Domains…/e121c5a3c4db555a826e0347ae0e… Malware Name DarkComet MD5 ab51fe04ba803e8c4dc606ec192539d4 FLOWS TCP ➝ Read more

DarkComet RAT sample – DC_MUTEX-4Y37736

October 1, 2014 0

Are you searching for DarkComet RAT samples and mutexes?! Then stop your search and take a look at the “28e9360edf03c582eb04822e85354381” RAT example which has been identified by us on “ 30-Sep-14”.  The DarkComet RAT is often Read more

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