APT38 Research Paper by FireEye + Download

APT38 is a financially motivated North Korean regime-backed group responsible for conducting destructive attacks against financial institutions, as well as some of the world’s largest cyber heists. Based on widely publicized operations alone, the group Read more

The cyberwar реrsресtіvе

Ву sоmе ассоunts, суbеrwаr іs аlrеаdу оссurrіng. Тhеrе hаvе bееn wееklу rероrts оf UЅ sуstеms bеіng hасkеd frоm Сhіnеsе суbеr аddrеssеs. Сhіnеsе hасkіng suрроsеdlу rаngеs frоm U.Ѕ. gоvеrnmеnt sуstеms tо Gооglе mаіl tо thе vеrу Read more

Insight in a real cyber-terror simulation

The United Kingdom has setup an cyber-terror simulation environment for specifically selected cyber security professionals and GCHQ employees to train their capabilities for possible future cyber-terror attacks. In total, 42 members have been chosen to Read more

8 Steps to perform a successful cyber-attack

Each cyber-attack will follow a specific chain. The chain is used by cyber security experts, cybercriminals and governments to perform successful cyber-attacks on their targets. There are various ways to perform a cyber-attack, but you Read more

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