Cyberwar Hacking

Russian Cyber Spies Aattempted to Hack Dutch Safety Boards MH17 Servers

Russian hacking team “Operation Pawn Storm” have tried to hack Dutch safety board servers looking for information on the MH17 report. According to the Dutch Safety Board ,the attacks have not been successful but didn’t give information about the process of the cyber attack ,report NOS. The Internet security firm Trend Micro have discovered the […]

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Watch Cyber War Among Cyber Criminals

The cyber security giant Kaspersky Lab researchers have recorded the first time cyber conflict between Hellsing and Naikon ,the elite cyber crime group Hellsing hit back after cyber attack by the rival APT crew known as Naikon last year. According to Kaspersky Hellsing was subject to a “spear phishing” attack by Naikon the Asian cyber […]

Anonymous Cyberwar Hacking

Arab Hackers Penetrated Israeli Military Network

The security firm Blue Coat Systems Inc researcher have discovered a cyber attack on Israeli military network as part of a cyber espionage campaign with software developed by Arabic speaking programmers . According the researcher the software was used in this attack was crafted together from widely available tools, such as the remote-access Trojan called Poison […]

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Lebanon Global Cyber Espionage Campaign Code Named Explosive

Global cyber espionage campaign exposed in Lebanon against targets in Israel, the US, Canada, Russia and the UK as well as against targets in Lebanon itself. Israeli-based cyber firm “Checkpoint” researchers published a report which exposed the cyber espionage operation and uncovered an attack campaign called Volatile Cedar,and suggest the attacker’s motives are not financial […]


U.S. Cyber Attacks On China Timeline

China’s Computer Emergency Response Team published detailed infographic of U.S. cyber-attacks against China based on an American software firm Symantec data and Chinese Internet Media Research Center “Academy of Cyber Space” report. China’s State Internet Information in its report “ America’s Global Surveillance Record” accused US for cyber spying on the Chinese government and Chinese […]